Once you've chosen how much to pay in, making the most of your money is all about keeping an eye on progress and making changes when you need to. Saving for as long as you can gives your money time to grow.

Investment choices & risk

You have a choice when it comes to where your savings pot is invested. There’s always risk associated with investing, so it’s really about what feels comfortable for you and how you want to manage it.

  • How your money is working hard

    Initially, where your savings pot is invested will be chosen for you, and it will be placed in a 'Target Date Fund'. This fund will automatically change where your savings pot is invested the closer you get to your retirement age. Remember, you can choose where your savings pot is invested if you want to.

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  • Reviewing

    It's good practice to regularly review your investment choices, even if you don't make any changes. Here are some things to think about, and details of the charges that might apply.

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  • Your options

    There are different investment options to choose from. It’s about what’s right for you and your future plans. Have a look at the options available.

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How much should I save?

Sometimes, working out what you can afford to pay into the Scheme can be difficult. Try the modeller on your Retirement Savings Account to help you work out what you can pay in, and what you might get when you want to access it.

  • Find out how much you’re currently saving and make changes to your contributions
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  • The importance of reviewing your contributions
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  • Find out how much your retirement plans could cost
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  • How TPT manages the investments for you
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Tax & savings

The amount you and your employer pay in each month benefits from tax relief from the Government. You can also take 25% of your retirement savings tax free when you choose to access them. So altogether, it’s a tax-efficient way of saving for your future.

Leaving the Scheme

Stay connected – make sure we have an up-to-date email address so we can send you important updates about your pension. You can update your details easily in your Retirement Savings Account.

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