Investments & your TPT savings

Successful investment requires a careful balance of risk and return. Our aim is to provide you with a wide range of investment options and manage risk to deliver strong returns.

Basics of investing

When you invest, you are putting your money into something with the goal of growing it over time. That ‘something’ could be a company, property, loans to companies or governments (usually called bonds) or cash deposits. You can use your pension savings to invest your money in one or more of these things through investment funds. Any profits you make from investing are known as ‘returns’ and will grow your pension over time.

How TPT manages your money

A specialist Investment Management Team oversees the investment funds, to get the best results for you. It’s up to you where your TPT savings are invested.

How we make your savings work hard

We want to make your membership worthwhile and keep your money working hard for you. To do this, we offer every member a number of investment options and have clear beliefs on how we manage risk, provide good value and secure positive long-term outcomes. We optimise your savings using:

  • A clear set of rules of control
    We have a set of principles and beliefs which form a decision-making framework, incorporating both our long-term investment philosophy and our commitment to responsible investment.
  • Investment strategy setting & design
    We are clear in our aim to provide best-in-class, cost-efficient investments for our members. Our strategy and decision making are centred entirely around this aim and our members’ needs.
  • A dynamic investment strategy
    We use leading investment managers to identify opportunities and distribute our members’ savings across a range of asset classes.
  • Transparent reporting
    We believe that regular, open reporting not only ensures good governance, but can help to improve results and identify future opportunities.

Sources of information

  • Investment Beliefs

    This document outlines the way we think and is used by our Investment Committee and Chief Investment Officer when making decisions and agreeing our investment strategy. These beliefs help us keep on track.

    Read our Investment Beliefs

  • Statement of Investment Principles

    This document is a guide to the principles we work to when we invest and aligns with relevant legislation and best practice guidelines.

    Read our Statement of Investment Principles

  • Responsible Investment Principles

    This document is a guide to the principles we work with to help us invest responsibly. It outlines the requirements that are expected and align with relevant regulations.

    Read our Responsible Investment Principles

  • Responsible Investment Framework

    This document summarises our responsible investment approach and ensures that we are acting as a good steward of your assets. This framework is used across all our investment options.

    Read our Responsible Investment Framework

We define responsible investment as an approach that aims to incorporate environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) factors into investment management processes and ownership practices. Given the long-term scope of our investment strategy, we are committed to managing the risks and opportunities that these trends present across all markets and asset classes.

TPT is a responsible investor

  • What does it mean to be a responsible investor?

    Responsible investors believe that considering ESG factors in investment decisions is a better way of managing risk and can improve returns. ESG factors include everything from the effect of climate change to executive pay and diversity. Our responsible investment approach means that any investment funds available to you are invested responsibly and follow our responsible investment principles.

    Here’s how we make sure our investment funds are responsibly invested
  • We manage the risks of climate change

    We believe that the companies your TPT savings are invested in will be affected by climate change, so it’s important that we manage this. We have outlined our approach in our Climate Change Policy.

    Read more about our approach to managing climate-change risks
  • Investing ethically at TPT

    Ethical investment is important to TPT. We know it’s also important to many of our members, which is why we provide ethical investment fund options. TPT’s ethical funds follow an agreed policy which ensures that they only support companies, products, policies, or practices that meet the standards we have set. These funds are available to all members.

    Read more about our ethical investing policy

Committed to what matters


We support an industry-wide approach to responsible investment by contributing to a number of relevant initiatives and organisations. Click on each logo to find out more.

  • Climate Action 100

    Climate Action 100



  • PRI


  • Occupational Pensions Stewardship Council

    Occupational Pensions Stewardship Council

  • 30% Club

    30% Club

  • Investor Alliance for Human Rights

    Investor Alliance for Human Rights

  • Investors Policy Dialogue on Deforestation (IPDD)

    Investors Policy Dialogue on Deforestation (IPDD)

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