When it comes to using the savings pot you've built up over the years you've got more opportunities than ever before. Find out what your options are, and what you need to think about when it comes to tax and the State Pension too.

Planning how you take your savings pot

Taking a step into a different way of life is always a mix of excitement and nervousness. And retirement is no different. There are many choices to make – not least what you'll want to do with your time and how you'll want to access your savings.

Your options at retirement – you could choose one or more of:

  • A 25% tax-free lump sum
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  • A guaranteed income for life (known as an annuity)
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  • Lump sums from your pot as and when you want, leaving the balance invested
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  • All as cash in one go (after the tax-free lump sum, the remainder is subject to income tax)
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Note: If you want to take an annuity, or keep your money invested and withdraw lump sums from it when you need it, you’ll need to transfer your money to a suitable provider. In some cases, you’ll need to take independent financial advice.

Investing as you approach retirement

  • It’s a good idea to check where your savings pot is invested as you get closer to the date you want to take it, so you can see if your investment option reflects how and when you want to take your savings. You can pick from a range of options should you wish to make a change. Remember, your savings pot will be invested in a Target Date Fund unless you changed to another option. Your savings pot will remain invested in this option until you make changes or decide to take it.

    Reviewing your investment
  • Investment fund factsheets

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Accessing your savings pot

Here's what you can do, and can expect to receive from us, in the 12 months before you take your money.

Read our handy guide to the process below:

Retirement timeline

When you're reviewing your retirement options, you’ll need to read our Risk & Warnings page.

  • 12
    Start thinking of what you want
    Check your paperwork and take guidance if you think you need it.
  • 6
    We’ll send you a retirement pack
    It’ll confirm your options and explain the next steps.
  • 3
    Time to choose
    If you need more time or change your mind, let us know.
  • Time to spend your money
    You’ll receive confirmation once we’ve set everything up for you.
  • The State Pension

    Most people will receive a State Pension. The amount you receive depends on how many 'qualifying years' you have when you reach State Pension Age.

    Visit the HMRC website
  • Beware of Scams

    Unfortunately, people approaching retirement are often targets for scams. Make sure you know what to look out for and how to spot an offer or a request that isn't legitimate.


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