The power of your pension: responsible investing

Your pension plays a vital role in funding your future – but it can make the world a better place, too.

The money you and your employer pay into your TPT pension can be invested in various different ways. It can be invested in companies like the ones you use every day, through to buildings and infrastructure. All of these investments have one main aim - of growing your money for the future.

TPT is a responsible investor and, as we recognise our impact on the world around us, we look at the things we invest in. We care about the way companies work and we make informed decisions about whether their activities are the right fit for our members and their future.

What is responsible investing?

Responsible investing considers the environmental, social and governance – or ESG - factors of investment activity. We do this because thinking about them when we make investment decisions can manage risk and provide better outcomes for our members.

We think about a range a factors when we invest your pension savings. This could be companies’ green credentials and how they treat employees and other stakeholders, like suppliers. We also support and promote change within companies when we spot potential improvements.

You can find out how we make sure your savings are invested responsibly on our website.

How can I make a difference?

We consider ESG factors in all of our investment activity, but if you feel particularly strongly about the impact of your pension investments, there’s more that you can do.

  • Check your current investments

You can check the fund(s) you’re invested in by logging in to your Retirement Savings Account. (If you’re unable to access it, please get in touch using Contact TPT). You can then find out more about it, like what it invests in and potential risks, by clicking the relevant fund factsheet.

  • Explore your alternative options

You can find out more about our investment options, including what they invest in, how they perform and their potential risks, by looking through our fund factsheets. How do they compare to your current fund(s)?

  • Think about what’s important to you

We want our members to have the best possible outcome at retirement, and to do that, we need to understand and respond to the things that you value. It’s worth thinking about the things that matter to you and considering whether you’d like to acknowledge them in the way your savings are invested. For example, you might want us to add ethical factors into the mix when we invest your savings. If you’re interested in taking a more ethical approach, take a look at our ethical investment framework.

Any change you make to your investment preferences could impact the amount of money you receive in later life. Please consider your options carefully and consider speaking to an FCA-regulated financial adviser before you make a decision. You can find out more here.